into the wild

To begin, I’d like to precaution you that I – as in so very many aspects of my life – don’t know what I am doing here.  So I can’t tell you to “stay tuned for fricassee, frittata and advice from a fun-loving mama.”

I don’t have a game plan to offer up, I don’t know what this website is going to be.

Until 5 seconds ago I didn’t even know how to spell frittata. Thanks, Google. Also, I should mention, I’m not a fun-loving mama, or even a mama-to-be.
(Though I’m a big fan of their work, especially of my own.)
So all in all, that quotation was just very misleading.

What I am is TERRIFIED.  Aka, a recent graduate.  Aka, wait-so-now-you-want-me-to-use-the-skills-I-acquired-in-college-to-actually-do-something-with-my-life?

Yeah, I’m there.  And here, stealing some of your time away. And, hopefully, you’re not not enjoying it, ’cause I’d like to continue to waste your time, here and there, from time to time.  Time permitting, of course.

So check back in sometime. For what, I don’t know yet. But I dare you. I implore you. Because if you’ve ever been a twenty-something-year-old, you know that it can be scary, trying to “orienteer” yourself to adult life, when your compass is pointing to magnetic north — but you’re looking for the truth, goddammit.

And it’s getting dark.

And there’s no cell phone reception.

And, oh yeah, you remember that one time at camp when you actually tried orienteering and you kinda sorta sucked at it.

But having a friend to chat with as you amble around makes it seem a bit less like you’re lost and a lot more like you’re on some grand adventure.


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