quinoa//turkey//salsa stuffed peppers


Hello my foodie friends!

Well, it is officially the 23rd of January and as this first month of 2016 draws to a close, it’s high time that I wake from my food induced coma//emerge from my den of hibernation//& snap the hell out of holiday mode.

And you know what comes next. Oh yeah, it’s New Year’s resolution time.

And my list this year, it’s a big one. Starting this blog//traveling to Europe//living a more health-full life//the list goes on.

But more on this “living a health-full life”.

As we get to know each other, I’m certain that you will receive glimpses into my life (& I yours, I do hope!). For now, I will leave it short and sweet. I was living a lifestyle that just wasn’t working for me anymore. Have any of you ever done that, stubbornly persisted in some old habit//tradition//way of being, even though it isn’t working anymore.

Well, that was me – all of 2015. With graduation upon me and the reality of adulthood finally dawning on me, I stubbornly held onto the things that I knew and trusted. This included old, “healthy” habits, diet and exercise. What has dawned on me since is this: what fuels me is different than what fuels you. Likewise, what fueled my body//mind//soul, perhaps as little as 1 year ago, may be very different than what fuels those things now.

We truly are complex and beautiful little machines. Now then, it’s time for a tune-up. This year, I commit to a diet full of good-for-you fats, low GI carbs, lean protein and…



Bold and colorful or simple and understated//sweet and crunchy or succulent and savory… there are just so many delicious ways to enjoy a nice, fresh, leafy vegetable.

So I though to myself, why not make it the main event?

Enter: roasted red & green bell peppers.


If you would like to learn how I made these delicious and nutritious bad boys – stuffed with quinoa//black beans//corn//salsa//&turkey – and the dreamy Cilantro dressing below simply hop on over to The Minimalist Baker for the recipe! There you will find oh-so-many delicious and nutritious recipes, all created with fewer than 10 ingredients//in one bowl//or under 30 minutes. Did I mention the woman behind this lovely site is vegan? So if you’re looking for vegetable-centric meals, this is the place.

Which reminds me, I did make one obvious edit to the original. Before lovingly stuffing my peppers with the filling supplied by The Minimalist Baker, I sauteed 1 lb of ground turkey and tossed it into the mix. For those of you carnivores out there, I found this to be a delicious addition.


Now, if you really want to impress your friends and family, there couldn’t be a simpler solution. Top it all off with a puree of avocado//cilantro//lime… ohh, it’s real good. Honestly, no words. Make it yourself, taste it, report back.


And we are off! To a delicious start to the New Year.

And to all the delicious recipes to come.



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