Hello World.

It’s been a little while, hasn’t it? Seems I’ve been so caught up in the life-things happening around me that I’ve forgotten to tend to myself and the things I love.
(Like this little blog – humble thing that it is.)

In the meantime, fall has made its slow descent upon Texas (–mostly in the form of pumpkin spice everything. It’s still a cool 80+ most days, but we can pretend, right?)

And something else we might agree about: this is the best time of the year, is it not?

I mean, c’mon. Crisp fall days give me life. (Ironic, since dead leaves abound. But I am dead inside, after all… kidding.)

But in all seriousness — there is something about the cool chill of a brisk autumn day, the ritual of pulling out jackets & sweaters & scarves knit by your grandmother, the warm and fuzzy feeling of spiced cider in your belly (+ rum for extra warmth).

And of course, the beautiful (dead) leaves.

It’s a time for change – it’s a time to let the past go – it’s a time for renewal.
And fall does it with such style.

Now, it is true that our own personal style can say so much about us. But perhaps it is more powerful than even that. Because our clothing is also a means of saying what we sometimes cannot. It’s a visual perspective. It’s a silent voice.

And perhaps I am  run n i  n  g    a w  a  y  with an idea, but it seems to me that by breathing new life into old items you not only give voice to the past, but also speak to who you are working to become — all of this in the present moment.

So. I’m not going to pretend that I wear such tailored attire on a daily basis, but today was a pressed cotton blouse and oxfords kind of day. And let me to you what, I felt like a regular lady in this.

[Despite finding myself at a Britney Spears kind of Crossroads in my life.]

Surely history has shown us by now that a confident woman can take on the world?

I’m just here to kill the game.

(And okay, admittedly I don’t always know what that looks like. But today it felt like this outfit. And sometimes that’s good enough.)

I promise we’ll chat again soon.




Blouse | Anthropologie Sale
Skirt | Thrifted
Belt | Fossil Outlet


that’s thrifty.

Hello all,

Well I don’t know what the weather is like in your little corner’s of the world, but here in north Texas, it is officially fall & nothing pleases me more.

I know there are truly few declarations more basic in nature, aside from perhaps “a pumpkin spice latte, please.”

I just don’t care. Fall is far and away my most favorite season. Ever since I can remember I have gotten giddy with the first signs of it… those first, brave leaves that begins to turn a bold and vibrant orange hue, the first of many breezy days, carrying with it the subtle scent of earth and fire, the begin of sun’s slow retreat as the day’s shorten and the evening’s creep in, earlier and earlier.

Now I’ll tell you what else I love, thrifting. That’s right, I love sorting through the racks for that diamond in the rough & stealing away my deal to cherish anew. Furthermore, I love a good deal. I mean, seriously. Aside from the occasional splurge or essential, I just can’t understand, no, I can’t justify paying full price for anything. As a recent graduate on a budget, my thriftiness has reached new levels. I’ve always enjoyed thrifting, but lately Goodwill is my go to.

So, in the interest of sharing some interests with you, oh reader – I just wanted to take a moment to, well, share with you some of the bits and bobs that I collected this most lovely month of the year… October has been good to me. Let me know what you think! Have you had any thrift store successes this month?

Sweater Collage

Pictured above are some of my favorite purchases, a sleeveless orange knit from New York & Co. with a cute little collar, a Target brand stripey olive green/brown/black boxy shirt, and two cozy-comfy turtleneck sweaters a lá Karen Scott, in oatmeal colored wool and red cashmere. A very sleepy lil ole me sports my most loved buy, the top bit of a matching set, tucked into a pair of Topshop jeans I had scooped up from the sales rack of a local Nordstrom’s Rack. I seriously adore this top with it’s matching ankle length, waist-cinching skirt. Questionable to the brand, but not to my affections. It is love. I love matching sets and the versatility that they provide.

Not shown here, but included in this month’s buys (I’m still working on my editorial picture taking and just could not get this bugger to shoot well) a Michael Kor’s jet black, tailored shirt dress that I picked up for my mom. Some finds are so great, I just can’t stand to leave them in the store, even if they’re not my size. My mom was certainly appreciative of the purchase!

Hope you enjoyed this little bitty peek into my fall fashion wardrobe,

XO Grace