G L O W I N G B E E T S // J A N U A R Y


It’s hard to believe that the first month of 2017 has already whizzed by. It feels like I haven’t had time to blink, let alone contemplate New Year’s resolutions.

But if I did have time to sit down and write out my goals for the year ahead, incorporating more clean, non-toxic and cruelty free products into my beauty regimen would be top of the least.

That’s where the Glowing Beets subscription service comes into play.


Glowing Beets is a beauty subscription service offers 3 to 4 deluxe to full-sized beauty products delivered to your door for just $29.99 per month. When you consider that the value for January’s box was $106.90, that’s a steal!

But enough jibber-jabber. To the products!


David’s Premium Natural Toothpaste – $7.95

I’ve been curious about this toothpaste for a while now, so I was pleased to find it in January’s box. According to the website, David’s toothpaste is set apart from the rest because it offers a flouride-free alternative to natural whitening and fresh breath. Now, I have to be honest – I had to do some research into this flouride-free business. I mean, flouride is in our drinking water for Pete’s sake – surely it’s not toxic?!

Well, I was surprised to find that there *is in fact controversy surrounding the flouridation of our toothpaste and tap water. As it turns out, studies have found evidence for a number of negative health effects including stunted neurodevelopment in children – you read more about this in a scientific paper for the journal of Environmental Health Perspectives. At the same time, flouride is heralded by the CDC as one of the top 10 most important public health measures of the 20th century for “safely” reducing cavities.

So the jury’s out on flouride, but regardless of which side of the debate you fall on you will love love love the minty fresh feeling that this toothpaste leaves me with. I sure do!


Lavender Hand & Body Lotion – $11.95

Vitamin E, rosehip and lavender oils unite in this delightful lotion to keep your skin feeling soft and smooth. I have to say, I love the combination of rosehip and vitamin E in this guy. Think of rosehip as “The Rejuvenator”, helping to regenerate skin cells and heal old wounds and scars. At the same time, vitamin E is “The Protector”, shielding your skin from harmful free radicals. Lavender oil is of course super soothing and smells delicious. Perfect when you’re looking to pamper yourself.

One of the really neat thing about this company is that they use pure, sustainable ingredients in their lotions and creams – sustainable ingredients including free range egg. As the company grows, they aim to establish a rescue designed to rehabilitate battery hens. Certainly a worthwhile cause!


Modicum Essential Travel Kit – $65.00

I love the packaging on this Modicum skincare trio. The little vials with their gold accents are so elegant and makes me feel very luxurious when I use it. Even better, it comes with a draw-string bag perfect for storage and travel.

Included in the set: essential serum, cleanser and exfoliant. These plant-based products smell rich and earthy. I especially enjoy the serum, which according to the website, diminishes the need for moisturizer or eye cream. (Hey, the fewer products I need to incorporate into my skincare routine, the better!)

The exfoliant is an especially neat concept. Comprised of MSM and Aloe vera, this gentle exfoliant gently buffs away dead skin and can be added to any cleanser.


Scandic Botanica Rosehip Highlighter – $22.00

I love discovering new and natural beauty products in my subscription boxes! This highlighter from Scandic Botanica may just be my favorite find in Glowing Beet’s January box.

3 simple ingredients go into this ultra-nourishing, skin-loving product- rosehip, shea butter and jojoba oil. To summarize my thoughts on this guy… honestly, I think the folks at Scandic Botanica have said it best,

“Our Rosehip Highlighter is a moisturizing cream highlighter that transforms dull, dry skin into a dewy, luminous candlelit glowing sheen – just where you need it most without clogging pores.”

I love the way this highlighter looks and feels, and I love even more that the ingredients list is simple, straightforward and free from harsh chemicals.

All in all, I really enjoyed January’s Glowing Beet subscription box. I have been really pleasantly surprised by the value of the products selected by Glowing Beets to showcase in their monthly boxes. $29.99 may seem a bit hefty compared to other subscription boxes – but for the size and quality, you can’t beat it!